Over Christmas we worked on this idea a bit, and it is now mildly playable.
Warning: This is very prototypey - there are no menus, only two example levels, no scoring, no sound, barely even placeholder-art, and no UI.
We'd really like if you guys could try it out and give feedback on the concept.

So basically, ReRun is a cross between a top-down and side-scrolling puzzle game based around a cube.
Each side of the cube is a room that you need to get through. However, you can only actually move your character in the first room, and your movements are repeated in the other rooms.
To get to the other rooms, you go through portals or by "dropping" through the stage to another level. When doing this the game becomes a side scroller, interpreting your recorded movements accordingly.
Spoiler Your recorded key-up presses will make you jump if you are grounded.

Rough story/explanation
You're a thief with access to magic portals to rob a building, however the side effect of going through a portal is that you lose control and your most recent movements from before going through the portal are replayed.

Arrow keys to move around.
Hold tab to visualize how portals connect together
WASD to rotate around the cube (you won't be able to move your character again until you rotate back to start)
Space bar to reset to the beginning
1 to change to the first level, 2 to change to the second level

The game sounds confusing but is really simple to understand visually

Pressing WASD to rotate around the cube

In this gif I need to get to the portal on the right. Once I get through that portal it'll goto the other room, then replay my movements. Those movements in this case didn't get me to the next portal, but if they had, on the third side it would play those movements again.

Walking over the "edge" of the cube changes from top-down to side-scrolling. Also, notice that my normal up movements are now considered jumps. The gold thing I collect is a coin - which in the real game would be one of the items you're stealing. And your score would be based on what % you're able to steal.

Holding tab to see how the portals connect. The lines and portals will likely be differentiated by different colors.

So basically, we're looking for feedback on this proof-of-concept. Please ignore that it intentionally has no juice.

Known bugs
Pressing WASD to rotate the cube when you are not on the start side will rotate to the wrong angle. Resetting with space usually fixes it though.

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